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People talk about their lives and their work

Over time we have gathered some videoclips of inspiring people and we have gathered them together on this page.  Click on the names to access the clips.

Vivienne Thompson and Anne Westerskov
Vivienne is Anne's mother. Anne is passionate about meeting new people and developing her art business. She is an emerging artist interested in developing a micro-business as part of the portfolio of experiences she wants to learn from.
The communication and team work skills she will acquire during this experience will not only help develop her business but also improve her chances to get employed if she wants to later. 
Claire Ryan
How come the sexuality of disabled people is such a contentious issue?
How come systems and people can plan to support disabled people's basic needs for food and roof but have more difficulty supporting their need for love and closeness to other human beings? Claire debunks myths in this domain and leads us through some sound reasoning and bold vision.
Julia Genet
Julia's family life is organised around providing her son with independence. She followed his passion for mechanics and tractors that she noticed at a young age.
Individualised Funding provided the resources to allow to put this vision into action.
Andrew of People First
Andrew, from People First New Zealand, talks about how important it is for him to feel that he is contributing to his community. His first job was pivotal in helping him feel included and valued.

Lyndsay Tahitahi with one of her mokopuna. She talks about the importance of community in her life.

Michael Butterworth
15.8.1976 — 25.10.2012

In mid 2010, when he was 34, Michael Butterworth moved into his own home for the first time.

Ruth Jones and Gary Williams: we choose what we want and how we want it
How do we make sure as a society that everybody gets their chance at "living a good life"? Traditionally people with disabilities were given 'services' but were tied with 'service providers' to deliver them... but recent changes worldwide in social strategies see new development aimed at returning control over their lives to people who need these services.
Phyllis McPherson:  Individualised Funding was life changing
Phyllis, from People First New Zealand, describes her experience with Individualised Funding as a turning point in her life. This is because she got control over aspects of her life that had previously been out of her reach - even small details such as how to run her household were controlled by staff working for providers over which Phyllis had little say.
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