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Abuse in the disability sector

"People can be a mystery. You can't tell what someone is like just by looking at them.

Some people are kind and help you. Some people do things that can hurt you.

When people treat you badly we call it abuse."

Abuse is still common in the disability sector where many people are vulnerable. 

One of the Tell Someone video clips focuses on five common forms of abuse: emotional, financial, physical, sexual and neglect.


This is a very useful resource for people wanting to help people with a disability learn how to keep safe.  It uses plain language and viewers are asked to consider if they have seen similar abuse.


Watching this can trigger bad memories in people viewing it, so please ensure viewers have good support and are able to discuss any abuse they have experienced or seen.

Kevin Thompson, an actor in the Tell Someone series of video clips

To view the 12 minute video clip click on the photo of the police officer. 

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