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The Advocacy Toolkits

Workshops and resources for advocates and self-advocates in any field: people with a disability, tangata whai ora, health workers, social workers, mental health staff, disability support, youth workers, refuge workers, victim support, citizen’s advice bureaux.

Now I am retired I am willing to share the handouts and timetables to others who might wish to facilitate these workshops. Email if you are interested.

‘You’re in danger of dying with your rights on.’

          Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann, speaking to                   tangata whai ora, Aug 2000

Many people are unable to access quality services because they lack good information or come up against systems that discriminate or disregard their rights to choice, dignity and good standards of care.

Advocacy skills and information about their rights support people to speak up themselves or with the help of friends and  advocates.

The Advocacy Toolkits are interactive workshops designed to support advocates to reflect on their work and learn skills  that support empowerment. They are for people new to advocacy through to professional advocates practising for some years. The workshops look at the issues of power, ethics and cultural safety  that come into play in advocacy.


Participants work through scenarios reflecting advocacy issues they are likely to encounter. Detailed handouts are provided for on-going reference.

      Workshop One - An introduction to advocacy

  A 12 hour introductory workshop for people new to advocacy, advocating for themselves,  their family or peers.



  • assertion and your rights

  • self-care and support

  • strategies, planning, record keeping

  • empathy and listening skills

  • using an empowerment approach

  • cultural safety in advocacy

  • expressing issues clearly and concisely

  • preparing for meetings

  • useful advocacy strategies

Workshop Two: Advanced Advocacy

Skills and Strategies


A 12 hour workshop for people regularly advocating for others in paid or voluntary work.



  • an empowerment approach: avoiding dependency      

  • ethical issues: values and cultural safety, mandate and conflicts of interest

  • goal setting, mapping issues

  • choosing approaches: acting as influencers; acting as champions

  • negotiation skills & dealing with resistance


This workshop is useful for social workers, field officers, nurses, mental health workers, refuge workers, citizens advice, disability advocates

Workshop Three -  Advocacy for  social and organisational change


A 12 hour workshop on strategies to promote equity and social justice within communities and changing the culture of organisations. This is for people are interested in working for change in systems, policies, and communities. Participants do not have to have attended the other workshops.


Topics:  analysing situation, stages of change; blocks to changestrategies that workbuilding strength & finding alliesteamworkplanning,goal setting


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