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Building a richer life

A workshop for families supporting a person with a disability

The two day workshop enables families to envision a richer future for sons and daughters who have a disability.


Facilitator, Lawrence Chok shares his own journey as a parent and those of others who have journeyed with him. Over the past nine years, they have guided their sons and daughters with disabilities, to lead more meaningful, independent and sustainable lives in their communities. Supporting one another they have worked together to build on their gifts, passions, interests and dreams.


To overcome the disadvantages they faced they used intentional planning to grow lives full of purpose, with a sense of belonging to their communities. Then, afraid that these could not be sustained “when we are no longer around”, they explored succession planning and ways to build long term sustainability into their work.


The results astounded them, in many ways exceeding their dreams. Yet all journeys have their hard times and they found that the support of other like minded families in their collective was vital. This is the power of working in a collective based on shared goals and values.


Lawrence emulated and based the work on the Queensland family governance model. This brief  video clip shows three Australian family groups who have been operating together over the past 28 years.

For those interested to attend the 2 Day Family Collective Workshop, please email  or phone/text 027 872 3968 for further information.

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