These videoclips are from the DVD, Tell Someone, produced by Ruth Gerzon and a team of people with a learning disability for the NZ Nationwide Health and Disability Advocacy Service.


They help people know more about their rights when using residential services, and how to get help when things go wrong.
The stories are acted by people with a learning disability. People sort out their problems by speaking up.
Questions ask viewers to think about what is happening to them, and whether it is okay. The song, Tell Someone, helps viewers remember the key message.

Disability Rights 

Ruth Gerzon and Sylvia Ratahi prepare a script during filming


1. Learn more about the stories and your rights

2. Staff can help people live a good life, but sometimes things go wrong. 

3. People are not always given the right to make choices. In this story people speak up and their choices are respected. 

4. Abuse. Everyone needs to learn how to keep themselves and others safe. Viewing this chapter may bring up bad memories so viewers need support when watching it.

6. Problems. Not everyone gets on well in residential homes. In this story people speak up and things improve for everyone.

5. Two people want to live together but are not given the chance. An advocate makes sure they are heard.