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Note: Ruth Gerzon no longer facilitates this course. However  her course materials, handouts and timetables are available free to anyone else who might wish to do this.

                Training for Inclusion                      A practical course

How to achieve it, record it, evaluate it.

Ensuring  people with a disability can actively take part in community life requires considerable planning and judgement, and a good knowledge of community options and adaptations.


In this 4 day workshop with its 12 week guided practicum, disability service staff explore the skills involved in:


  • Supporting people to set personal goals, making informed choices


  • Networking - finding and assessing community options


  • Advocating for inclusion – overcoming fears and negative attitudes in community groups and organisations


  • Helping people gain self-confidence and  skills – from catching a bus to relationship skills


  • Supporting people in community settings (and evaluating when and how to fade out support)

The Inclusion Handbook

Extensive handouts examine the history of exclusion, the values underlying the approach and practices that support inclusion in both the field of disability and of mental illness.

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