Family Governance

As a group of families, FAST has involved the brothers and sisters of our loved ones with a structured programme over a weekend in a retreat resort.


We developed a record for each disabled family member with information that would benefit people helping them.

We are now working on the 50 year plan to ensure they continue to live a good life even after we are no longer here.

Lawrence now works with groups of families throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand.  He walks them through the processes of establishing a vision for a personally meaningful future for their disabled family members, identifying the things that would make a “good life” for them.

He can advise on support funding and ways to develop a relationships with support agencies, how to manage

individualised funding, support people living in their own home, and on legal and financial structures such as trusts, guardianship and wills.

He can act as a guide in setting up infrastructure for the time when parents are no longer available for their loved ones: succession plans, records, and coordination roles for on-going support.